For all our english speaking friends here a page.

Most of you were probably warmshower host, we like to thank you all for having us, being it in your yard bedroom or floor. We find it heartwarming and promise to return the favour to all of you and other bikers on the road once we have a new place to call our home. Wherever this me be.

As being said on pages in Dutch we both worked for almost 25 years for Philips Lighting and wanted a change in life. First we wanted to go for a sabbatical year but around that time there where people at our plant being laid of. We were one of those. With saved money and selling our house (and all other belongings) we can cycle for a couple of years.

The first plan was to start in Canada, but we had a little dog with us at the beginning. We didn't want to put to mutch stress on Terry (on airplane) so we decided to start in Europe. Unfortunately Terry passed away in the very beginning (first month) he had kidney faillure, we had to make the decision to euthanise him...

The route we followed was along the Danube river, almost up to the Black Sea. There we went south into Bulgaria, next Greece. In Greece we wanted to cycle for two week but ended up cycling for three months. What a beautiful country. We went to Meteora, Athens and many islands. Took ferry to Peleponesos and cycled on.

Because of this "freewheeling" we had to take ferry halfway up Italie (skipping Monte Negro etc) through France and Spain, where we had to catch the plane to Peru on the 26 of October. 

This europe trip started with cold weather, it took a while before it turned to spring, but when it changed we had nothing but sunshine a long indian summer to be continoud in south america.

Peru, we flew to Cusco, to visit Machu Pichu, Astrid was to sick (altitude) so Eric went alone,then back to Lima and up into the mountains because we didn't want to ride the PAH. All the way up to Terapoto we rode, then we flew back to Lima. The flight lasted 45 minutes, we cycled three weeks mostly uphill same distance..

From Lima we had a flight to Panama(city) we cycled the PAH (no other options)next Costa Rica where we spend Christmas, after that Nicaragua. The sun is so intens in these countries we wanted to get away so we thought lets fly to USA it is springtime... not. The longest winter ever they say. Miami was OK after that rain, cold etc Warmshowers that took us in made our hearts and limbs warm up. We are on the Underground Railroad Route, the trail escaped slaves took to find freedom in north. A route hillious and sometimes hard work in style with the history of this trail.

We try to update this website as good as we can, photo's every month (best ones)another possibility for more (blog) is become friends on facebook: asteric winters pampiermole

Last but not least we support an Animal Welfare Organisation (IFAW) try to visit places where they help, contributing with our donation and maybe yours. If so please write/phone them you came on them through us please

if you want to give advice or otherwise support us on our trip please contact through mail: or become friend on facebook: asteric winters pampiermole

our slogan Life doesn't mean anything if it is without LOVE for animals (and human)